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Augmented Reality Indoor Navigation

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About us

GEOTECH SYSTEMS is a Romanian start-up that aims to help people find indoor locations much faster and more intuitively. We believe that the future of human-technology interaction is centered around Augmented Reality, this also being the base for our indoor navigation system.

Gîngioveanu Mihnea

AR & Design

C─âlugaru Andreea

GIS Specialist

Branescu Mihai

Mobile Expert

Our Services

We offer indoor navigation solutions for large, crowded or complicated buildings. Our solution can be customized for any type of building with minimum building information and fast deploying time.


It is very important for the patients to be able to use the most efficient route when they want to get around inside the hospital.


Why make the students wonder where the exam room is when they have so many problems to solve anyway?


Why limit the visitors to only the stores they can see around when they could easily get to all the stores in the building?


Due to the large size of supermarkets nowadays consumers tend not to find certain products on their shopping list, so why not help them?

Recent Works

Bellow you can see our technology in action:

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